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Saltwater chlorination is a desirable alternative to packaged chlorine and can provide a reduction in operating costs to maintain the spa, as well as a much better experience when in the water

The best ACE Salt Water replacement on the market. Does your Hot Spring ACE system need replacing? I have your solution and with SaltOMatic's GUARANTEE you wont be disappointed again. Simple plug and play design! 

Living in the Northwest with the long winters I enjoy spending the evening hours in my hot tub. I fell in love with this product in 2017 while visiting my sister. Having a system that is maintenance free and after spending hours every day in her spa and never experiencing the dry skin, burning eyes and chlorine smell I just had to have one. You can feel confident in having support with all your needs and questions answered. The Only Guaranteed Solution to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean, Clear, Trouble Free & a 60 day money back guarantee!!

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"I've had the ChlorMaker for years now and just love it. We enjoy spending time in our hot tub every day and even with 2 young boys playing in the tub all day the spa stays clean and completely maintenance free. I don't check levels anymore or anything. I just add a little salt every once in awhile."

Jennifer Shropshire-Verified Customer

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